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Unveiling Japan’s Hidden History

What is ‘Fuji-kou’? The story behind the creation of the ‘Edo Seven Fujis,’ which you can climb even in Tokyo.
Did you know that during the Tokugawa period, mountains were the object of worship, and there was a custom to set up groups and climb mountains together?
【2023 Edition】Introducing the Charms of Kuma Shochu That Can’t Be Conveyed by Rankings
Only shochu made from rice produced in Hitoyoshi Kuma can receive the "Geographical Indication" designation as "Kuma Shochu." Similar to Scotch for whiskey, Bordeaux for wine, and Cognac for brandy, it is one of the few brands globally recognized for using a geographical name as a distinction.
What Was the Shared ‘Anger Towards Japanese Intellectuals’ of Mishima Yukio and Hasuda Zenmei?
【Not Just Samurai and Ninjas: The Tales of Forgotten Heroes in Japan】Hasuda Zenmei who discovered Yukio Mishima, is also among them.
【Drafting the Imperial Rescript on Education】Who Was ‘Kowashi Inoue,’ the Grand Designer of the Meiji State?
【Not Just Samurai and Ninjas: The Tales of Forgotten Heroes in Japan】Inoue Kowashi, who drafted the Imperial Rescript on Education, is also among them.
【The Place in the Tsukigi District of Taragi Town】 Where the Deity Who Granted Mount Koya to Kukai, the Grand Master, Is Enshrined
[1250th Anniversary of Kōbō Daishi] The legend of Kōbō Daishi extends to Tsukigi, Tawaramaki Town as well. In addition to the statue of Kōbō Daishi, there is also the "Millennial Awakening Heisei Yūkyūishi," a circular sandstone conglomerate, and the Shisho Shrine, where Niu-tsu-hime, who is believed to have been involved in mercury extraction, is enshrined.
【Mr. Tatsuo Ichiki】The Japanese who Sacrificed His Life for Indonesian Independence
【Not Just Samurai and Ninjas: The Tales of Forgotten Heroes in Japan】Tatsuo Ichiki, who earned gratitude from Indonesia's first President Sukarno, saying 'Thank you, Tatsuo Ichiki, you were a wonderful person,' is also among them.


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